How to Have Difficult Conversations

How to Have Difficult Conversations

Join us for our next God on Tap, Tuesday, January 31st at 7:30pm upstairs at Forest & Main. Our topic: How to Have Difficult Conversations with our special guest Carly Cubit.

We are living in polarizing times and many people are finding it difficult to have conversations with family and friends with differing political, religious, or cultural points of view. It is really tough. Relationship are being strained and tested. But we know that if we are to bring more healing, understanding, and love into the world we need to be able to have difficult and courageous conversations.

Our special guest helps people do just that.

carlycubitCarly is a small group facilitator and facilitation trainer, meaning that she brings people together to have radically-open conversations. She was trained and employed at a center at Penn State called World in Conversation: Center for Public Diplomacy, where she facilitated conversations on contentious social issues including race, gender, western-middle eastern relations, and climate change. She also developed the curriculum for three courses at Penn state in group facilitation. While her work was focused on local conversation between diverse groups, she eventually worked on a grant with NATO and facilitated virtual conversations between Afghan civilians and military cadets. She says she is still consistently challenged by tough conversations, especially with the people closest to her – and that’s just human!

God on Tap, we like to say, is about conversations at the intersection of life and faith. We believe in the power of conversation to learn, grow, and bring people together. This will give us more and better tools to have those conversations together and with the people in our lives.

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