God on Tap Tuesday: How Does Your Garden Grow?

God on Tap Tuesday: How Does Your Garden Grow?

Join us on Tuesday, April 24th at 7:30 pm upstairs at Gypsy Blu in Ambler for God on Tap! Our topic, inspired by Earth Day, is "How Does Your Garden Grow?" with special guest Dyan Lawlor. Dyan writes: 

This week at God on Tap, follows "Earth Day", last Sunday. Remember the first day of Spring (March 20th) we were 'snowed in!". We are STILL longing for the sun-filled Spring days to come and stay! If you're like me, I can't wait to gather up the dead branches, the dried stalks of last year's daisies and peonies, and welcome colorful tulips and sunny daffodils. I keep buying packets of seeds and counting the days til May 15 when frost is no longer an option!

Being outside renews my soul. “The (blue)birds and the bees” slow me down and reminds me of the wonders and rhythm of God's creation. As favorite author, Barbara Brown Taylor writes, in her book, "Leaving Church"..."I know many people who find God most reliably in books, in buildings, and even in other people. I have found God in all of here places too, but the most reliable meeting place for me has always been creation.”

Let’s talk this week about where you find renewal and spiritual refreshment in nature? How does nature give credence to the resurrection of our bodies? Why is that? What projects to you have, (bee-keeping, etc.) that fulfill our calling to be ‘stewards of the planet earth.’?

And I’m inviting you, if able, to bring a cutting of a favorite plant, or a tiny seedling, or separate a few hostas to share with the rest of us!

PS…This season of Easter, recall Mary saw Jesus first at the tomb and thought he was the gardener. Barbara B. Taylor confesses, “…and I realize this gardener, Jesus, may be the only thing that keeps me holding onto faith; the idea that God plays in the dirt of my life and grows knockout roses and peonies where weeds would otherwise be.”

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