God on Tap Tonight: Our Spiritual Guides

God on Tap Tonight: Our Spiritual Guides

Join us for us for God on Tap tonight, 7:30pm upstairs at Forest & Main. Our topic is “Our Spiritual Guides.”

Who are the people in your life, or authors, thinkers, ministers, gurus, yogis or even celebrities that have been spiritual mentors for you? Why? How have they shaped you?

Faith and spirituality never happen in a vacuum, they are always mediated through relationships with others, whether they are people we know, authors we read, or spiritual leaders or profound thinkers that we watch or listen to. Sometimes they are people in our very families, faith communities, sometimes they are ancient saints, or contemporary writers, musicians, or artists.

This topic springs to mind because in churches this time of year, there is a lot of focus on religious formation and the teachers, mentors, and leaders that facilitate that learning for children, youth, and adults. 

One of my favorite books on spiritual mentoring is called Father Joe: The Man Who Saved My Soul and tells the story of the author, Tony Hendra, and his friend and Benedictine monk, Father Joe. Throughout all the ups and downs of Tony’s life it was his conversations and relationship with Father Joe that helped to see him through, find his way, and truly saved his soul.

But that spiritual formation doesn’t just happen inside the church walls, and it isn’t just facilitated by religious leaders. In her book, Choosing our Religion, Elizabeth Drescher describes how those that might consider themselves more spiritual than religious find and follow a variety of spiritual guides, or, as she calls them, “companions on the journey.” She writes, “Teachers, books, movies, music, journals, statues, and the like…provide content—ideas, inspirations, and suggestions, for more authentic living.”

Who are your spiritual guides, your spiritual influences? Who have been your companions on the journey?

See you tonight! 

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