God on Tap Tuesday: The Challenges and Gifts of Faithful Living

God on Tap Tuesday: The Challenges and Gifts of Faithful Living

Join us for God on Tap tomorrow night, Tuesday March 24th 7:30pm, upstairs at Forest & Main Brewing Company. Our topic will be the challenges and gifts of living as people of faith in today's world.

At our last gathering just a couple weeks ago, we started talked about the capacity of religions to do harm and to help. As the conversation went on, we talked much more personally about the challenges and tensions we experience living our faith. We talked about the tension in living between a capitalist economic system that leverages self-interest and an ethic of faith that emphasizes the interests and needs of others. We talked about the ways we try to make a difference and shine a light in big and small ways in a world that often seems so dark and troubled. 

What are the challenges you experience of living out your faith today? What are the gifts?

What are the tensions you experience between Christianity and culture? How do you negoitate them?

See you tomorrow night!

Image: Welling Court Murals in Queens, NYC, photo taken by Jes Kast-Keat 

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God on Tap is hosted by members and friends of Upper Dublin Lutheran Church. Contact Keith Anderson for more information.