God Down Under with Special Guest Bradon French

God Down Under with Special Guest Bradon French

God on Tap resumes this coming Tuesday, September 19th at 7:30pm upstairs at Gypsy Blu with a very special guest that comes to us all the way from Australia.

Our special guest for this month's God on Tap will be Bradon French, who is from Australia and currently on a two-week tour in the US learning from churches here, including UDLC and God on Tap!

Oftentimes our perspective on faith can become quite narrowed. It can become focused on just our own spiritual lives, our faith communities, or our country. We are delighted that Bradon can join us. He'll share more about his work and the spiritual landscape in Australia, and his learnings from his trip to the U.S.  

Here's some more about Bradon:

Bradon is the Next Gen Consultant with the Uniting Church in Australia. Bradon grew up in Western Sydney, trained as a special-ed teacher, is married with 2 kids (who are very jealous of his US trip) & loves good coffee with good friends. His role seeks to build intergeneration faith communities, plant new communities (temporary/digital/common-cause) & train ministry agents working with children, youth & young adults. Bradon’s in the US to listen & learn from churches & communities (and is enjoying surfing 300+ TV channels).

Hope to see you Tuesday the 19th!


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