Embodied Spirituality at our next God on Tap

Embodied Spirituality at our next God on Tap

Join us on Tuesday, April 21st at 7:30 upstairs at Forest & Main for our next installment of God on Tap! Our topic will be embodied spirituality. 

Sometimes when we talk about spirituality and faith we focus on spirit, soul, faith, and knowledge and forget about the role our bodies play in our spirituality and faith.

I was reminded of this listening to the This Everyday Holy podcast by my friend Mihee Kim-Kort, in the episode called “Bodies Matter.” She points out that the resurrection stories in the Gospels emphasize again and again that Jesus was risen in bodily form. The disciple Thomas insists on putting his fingers in the scars on Jesus’ hands and side from his crucifixion (John 20:24-29). In the story of the road to Emmaus, the disciples don’t recognize Jesus until he breaks bread with them at dinner (Luke 24:13-35). Even then they think he is a ghost. Then he shows them his scars and eats a piece of fish just to prove he’s really real (Luke 24:36-49). She also reflects on the embodied-ness of her life and faith.

The body is important.

Our bodies are important—and an integral part to our spiritual lives.

Some people find spiritual wellness in yoga, running, walking, or working out. Often, the spiritual challenges we face are intimately connected to the physical health challenges we experience. Our bodies also bear the marks and tell the stories of our lives: stretch marks from child bearing, scars from surgeries or accidents, tattoos that mark us and tell a story, physical attributes that link us to our parents, families, and ancestors.

Where is the intersection of spirit and body for you? Do you give it much thought, or not? I encourage you to pay attention this week to the way your body and spirit are connected and reflect on it with us when we gather.

photo by Sagisen on Flickr

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