God on Tap

Welcome to God on Tap!

Welcome to "God on Tap"—conversations that happen at the intersection of life and faith. We gather to talk about life and current events from a spiritual perspective. Anyone is welcome to join the conversation, no matter your spirituality, faith, or religion, if you have one at all. We meet in three ways: monthly theology pub nights we call "God on Tap", Coffee and Conversation at a local coffee shop, and occasionally for Beer and Hymns—which is just like it sounds: good music, good drink, and good times. We take our motto from good ol' Martin Luther, who once said, "God is at work even when we are drinking beer" (or your favorite beverage). We hope to see you there!

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God on Tap

We meet monthly upstairs at Gypsy Blue Restaurant in Ambler to discuss topics, ideas, or events from a spiritual perspective. Check out the God on Tap blog for recent discussion topics.

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Coffee and Conversation

We gather on Thursday mornings a couple times a month at Weaver's Way Co-Op Cafe in Ambler. There's no topic. We just talk about whatever is on your mind and heart. 

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Beer and Hymns

Beer and Hymns

We gather occasionally at MaGerk's Pub and Grill in Ft. Washington for Beer and Hymns. Yes, its just what it sounds like: good drink, good music, and one great time.

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Upcoming Gatherings

God on Tap

7:30pm upstairs at Gypsy Blue in Ambler,

2019 Dates

January 29th

February 26th

March 26th

April 30th

May 21st


Coffee and Conversation

9:30-11:00am at Weaver's Way Coop Cafe in Ambler

December 13, 2018

January 17, 2019

February 14

March 14

April 11

 May 9

Annual Beer and Carols

December 5, 2018


Sing in the season with us!

This dine and donate event benefits the Mattie Dixon Community Cupboard in Ambler! 

In the News

  • "The idea behind the meetings was simple: people come out to the bar, grab a drink and then head upstairs for some conversation. Maybe the conversation is about God and religion; maybe it’s about life. Doesn’t matter, really. The important part is to get people together and get them talking." ~The Ambler Gazette

  • "At first glance it looks like some backroom gathering of revolutionaries — men and women huddled together beneath a single hanging lamp, everyone holding large glasses of beer, everyone speaking in low tones. But then someone cracks a joke, laughter erupts and people clink their mugs together in toast. This is what God on Tap looks like." ~The Ambler Gazette

  • “'I like the idea of connecting with places where people already are, where they’re already gathering, where they’re already talking about things that matter,' Anderson said. Unlike a Sunday service, Scripture and homily aren’t the focus of God on Tap, and Anderson often sits back, remaining 'on the edge of the conversation instead of in the center of it.'” ~The Ambler Gazette

Get in Touch

God on Tap is hosted by members and friends of Upper Dublin Lutheran Church. Contact Keith Anderson for more information.